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Monday, 03/31/2008

Important Update!  - 
Over the past week, I had begun to notice some degradation in the primary Sync2It database and because of this concern; I decided to rebuild the main database indexes. This operation is performed approximately every 6 months, removing deleted links and re-indexing the database and it normally takes about 12-15 hours due to the large size of the databases involved. Because of the extended down time required, I generally revert to a previous backup database to run the website on while the primary database is rebuilt. I also turn off client synchronization during this event so that your client won’t send new link changes to the secondary database. These changes are incorporated when the main database is brought back online, which occurred about 7am Sunday morning.

Because of this unplanned maintenance event, you may have experienced some problems with your links that should have been resolved by now but in case you are still having trouble, here are a few things that you can do to help alleviate the problem.

If you notice any bookmarks missing that you don’t remember deleting or if for some reason your bookmarks may have all been expired, please visit and undelete any deleted bookmarks to restore them to active status. You can simply click on the “Undelete All” button to restore all expired links.

I'm not sure why this occurred this time, but I'm checking into it now and hope to have everything back to normal very soon. I'm trying to determine if the problem was a corrupt index that is now fixed and will be back to normal if you undelete your bookmarks or if the problem is continuing to cause problems and I need to take the database down again and attempt another rebuild with a different set of tools. Right now I'm receiving a good number of emails bringing this to my attention and I'm trying to reply to as many as possible but please bear with me as I cannot answer all of the email I'm receiving about this issue.

Update: 6:15 PM - Monday (3/31) - My suspicions are that a temporary problem caused a number of users to experience this problem but that the database is stable now and simply 'undeleting' your bookmarks will set everything right again. If you are unable to undelete your bookmarks, please let me know at 'admin [at]

Thank you for you understanding.

- Jack

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