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What's IN A cluster?

(Please Note: Sync2It respects your privacy. In order to be counted as a cluster, several individual users must have bookmarked the website and stored it into a favorites folder by the same name.(the depth of the folder makes no difference). If for some reason any of our tags appear to reflect your personal information, it is likely purely coincidental. Nevertheless, clusters are a new feature and I would like to be notified if you see any discrepancies)

Status: Susie is ON BREAK.

Another powerful new feature has been added to BookmarkSync! BookmarkClusters. Tagging is the latest phenomenon of the internet. You've likely seen it on popular photo sharing sites and a few other sites. The problems and benefits of user tags are pretty well understood. It's a convenient way for large groups of interconnected users to share related information. However it's time consuming to enter all of that additional information for each website that you bookmark and your bookmarks are scattered all about, some on the web, and others on your various browsers.

Sync2It's BookmarkClusters solve this problem by automatically assigning tags to your bookmarked websites according to the names that you are already creating in your browser favorites!

Here's how it works...

If you bookmark the homepage, you will be prompted by your favorite browser to supply a folder in which to store that bookmark. Chances are, you either already have or will create a folder called "Reference" or "Books", but you just as well might place it into a folder called "Learning" or "Research" or
"Education" or "E-Books". Sync2It's librarian looks at where you decided to store your bookmark, then she looks at where others decided to store the same bookmark. If several users decided to store the bookmark into a folder of the same name, then that folder name becomes a "Cluster" and you can search for new websites based upon that Cluster.

This index becomes a clustered hierarchical structure built by thousands of users. Clustering allows you to draw from the collective work of thousands of people with similar interests. Clusters are similar to other site's tags, except that you don't have to change the way that you use the Internet to use them. Simply bookmark sites as you normally would, either using your browser or Sync2It's Quick Add bookmarklet. BookmarkSync's Clustering software takes care of the rest!

Your bookmark collection is secure and private

Susie will NEVER share your private folder information, Susie has been instructed to completly ignore any folders marked "Private" or "
Personal" (in several different languages) , she's very obedient!

How to get started with Clustering

Clusters have been incorporated into most bookmark and bookmark detail pages throughout the website. If you are viewing your personal bookmarks, or public collections you can click on the yellow or blue flags to retrieve the website details. From the recent links pages, simply click on "Details" to view a site's details. From the details page, you can click on any of the new "Tags" to be taken back to the tags search pages. From there you can search for any tags that you wish.

You can discover new websites by browsing through popular and the most recent clusters added to the website via the web or through your favorite  reader. (What is RSS?)


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