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SyncIT is the original FREE bookmark synchronizer. It keeps your favorites synchronized on all your machines and all of your browsers, and keeps your personal bookmarks PRIVATE. Run the auto-sync client once and forget it. It will silently keep all of your favorites in sync no matter which browser you want to use. Use our RSS feeds, shared collections and search tools to find great new sites. Try Sync2It today, youíll wonder why itís not built into the operating system. Learn More


  • Keep bookmarks in sync across your different computers and operating systems.
  • Use with Windows 95/98/NT/2K/ME/XP and Mac OS X.
  • No manual importing or exporting required!
  • Supports multiple browsers and operating systems, Get the FREE BookmarkSync Toolbar w/popup blocker.
  • Try Bookmark Clusters They're better than 'Tags' for find interesting websites.
  • Share your bookmarks with friends, family, or school district. Real-time social bookmarks with RSS feeds!
  • Search and browse the internet's best sites, hand-picked by other Sync2It users.
  • Backs up your bookmarks and keeps them PRIVATE.
  • Effortlessly upgrade your new computer's favorites!

NEW Features

  • IT'S FREE! It's the perfect tool for schools, teachers and students!
  • Supports JavaScript Bookmarklets!
  • Handheld friendly access for wireless devices.
  • Quickly and easily search through thousands of bookmarks. Dead and out of date links are automatically reported.

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"SyncIT is a very useful system that lets you store your bookmarks on a server and use them anywhere."
ZDNet Rating

"... It goes above and beyond what similar products provide and is a worthwhile and cost-effective small-business tool that can increase productivity..."

"Ready to make the most of today's Web? [Sync2It] adds invaluable new features to Internet Explorer and Firefox."

"BookmarkSync is a pretty good idea. It's a nice alternative to memorizing URLs, especially if you're working on another computer and you have hundreds of bookmarks. After installing the software, be sure to go to the BookmarkSync web site."
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